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Big cutting power in a small package - the industry's most portable and powerful 40-amp plasma cutter offers 10mm. mild steel cutting. The unit offers easy connection to 115V or 230V input with Auto-Line technology and MVP Adapters.

Rated Cut @ Maximum Cut @ Sever Cut @
500 mm/min 250 mm/min 125 mm/min
20 IPM 10 IPM 5 IPM
Capacity Thickness Cut speed
Recommended Cutting  
10mm 500mm/min

15mm 250mm/min
(hand cutting)
18mm 125mm/min

Non-HF Arc Ignition system

torches with pilot arc cut in without high frequency.

Torch off. By pressing the trigger the
torch will be fed by the
current thus causing a
temporary short circuit
betweenelectrode and tip.
The air then pushes up the small
piston, thuscreating, between the
electrode and the tip, the distance
needed to strike the pilot arc.
By positioning the torch on
the part to be cut, theplasma
arc will strike.

Less electromagnetic disturbance, with consequent absence of problems for any electronic, radio, television, telephone and computer systems in the vicinity of the cutting positions.
Less electric stress on the torch - and on the respective connecting cables - due to the absence of the high voltage necessary for striking the arc Greater simplicity in comparison with other torches(without high frequency) on the market, with a consequent decrease of the risks of jamming in the mechanical pneumatic movement for striking the arc. Subject to wear (electrode, tips, nozzles, diffusers etc.), thanks to the better cooling of the torch obtained by reducing the insulating thicknesses (without endangering the safety parameters)

Technical specifications

                                     Item No CUT-40Di
Rated Input Voltage 1PH ~ 230V ±15%
Max. Load Power Capacity 6.25KVA
Rated Duty Cycle(25℃) 60% 40A/100V
100% 30A/95V
Welding Current/Voltage Range 20A/90V~40A/96V
Open Circuit Voltage 260V~290V
Power Factor 0.8
Efficiency 80%
Required Air Pressure 0.3~0.5MPa
Gas Pro-flow/Retard Time Preset
Quality Cutting Thickness(500mm/min) 10mm
Severance Cutting 18mm
Dimension (LxWxH) 450X210X350mm
Weight (KG) 12 KG


For Standard Accessories

PLASMA torch: HTM50-CB

Earth clamp

For Optional accessories

PLASMA torch: Trafimet S45

PLASMA torch: PT40




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