General View of Control Panel

The short-circuiting metal transfer mode

The short-circuiting metal transfer mode is the low heat input mode of metal transfer for GMAW and has higher electrode efficiencies, 93% or more. The low heat input reduces weldment distortion and makes it ideal for sheet metal thickness materials.

Dynamic Control

Dynamic control with a push of a button
You know how it is from experience. Every transformer system has its own unique characteristics.One system produces a slightlysofter arc,while the next generates a slightly harder arc.More importantly,every welder has his own preference in terms of what he considers to be the perfect arc:softer and longer,shorter and harder or somewhere in between.This calls for a level of distinction that a transformer systems simply cannot realise.Our system allows you to individually adjust the dynamics of the arc to suit the work and welding position at hand and will find the simplest and fastest arc setting that is most suitable in each case.The rest of the job is carried out by the intelligentarc control technology incorporated into the background to achieve a perfect weld seam every time.

Technical specifications

Item No MIG-160i MIG-200i
Rated Input Voltage1PH ~ 230V ±15% 1PH ~ 230V ±15%
Max. Load Power Capacity 5.5KVA 7.5KVA
Rated Duty Cycle(25℃) 35% MIG: 160A/22VMIG: 200A/24V
  MMA: 160A/26.4VMMA: 200A/28V
100% MIG: 130A/20.5V MIG: 160A/22V
  MMA: 130A/25.2V MMA: 160A/26.4V
Welding Current/Voltage RangeMIG: 10A/14.5V ~160A/22V MIG: 10A/14.5V ~200A/24V
 MMA:20A/20.8V~160A/26.4VMMA: 20A/20.8V~200A/28V   
Open Circuit Voltage 70-80V 70-80V
Power Factor0.80.8
Pre-Gas TimePresetPreset
Flow-Gas TimePresetPreset
Wire-feed Mechanism2 Rollers2 Rollers
Wire-feed Speed Range 2-18 m/min 2-18 m/min
Wire Spool Capacity200mm (5kg) 200mm (5kg)
Filler Wires (mm) Fe solid wire:0.6~1.0 mm0.6~1.0 mm
Weight 22KG 22KG


For Standard Accessories

MIG torch: MB15AK

Electrode holder with cable 2M

For Optional accessories

Argon gas regular

TIG torch: WP-26

Spool gun: QLBF-200/8M

Co gas regular with heater




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