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100% suitable for construction sites

Perfect for large construction sites and very tough assembly work with mains supply leads up to 50 metres or connected directly to a generator. High tolerance to mains fluctuations ensures a perfect welding result.

Arcforce correction (welding characteristics)

During the welding process, arcforce prevents the electrode sticking in the weld pool with increases in current. This makes it easier to weld large-drop melting electrode types at low current strengths with a short arc in particular.

Technical specifications

Item No TIG-160i TIG-200i
Rated Input Voltage 1PH ~ 230V ±15% 1PH ~ 230V ±15%
Max. Load Power Capacity TIG: 4.10KVA TIG: 5.63KVA
Rated Duty Cycle(40℃) 35% MMA: 6.60KVA MMA: 8.75KVA

Rated Duty


60% TIG: 160A/16.4V TIG: 200A/18V
MMA: 160A/26.4V MMA: 200A/28V
100% TIG: 140A/15.6V TIG: 160A/16.4V
MMA: 140A/25.6V MMA: 160A/26.4V
Welding Current/Voltage Range TIG: 5A/10.2V~160A/16.4V TIG: 5A/10.2V~200A/18V
  MMA:20A/20.8V~160A/26.4V MMA: 20A/20.8V~200A/28V    
Open Circuit Voltage 70-80V 70-80V
Power Factor 0.8 0.8
Efficiency 80% 80%
MMA Arc Force Preset Preset
Hot Start Time Preset Preset
Hot Start Current Preset 4 Rollers
Dimension345x145x230mm 345x145x230mm
Weight 4.6KG 4.6KG


For Standard Accessories

TIG torch: TIG-26

Argon gas regular

For Optional accessories

Argon gas regular

Foot Pedal




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